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With a focus on optimization of flexible assets and trading in power markets.

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SaaS Solution for the Energy Industy

FlexBid Autotrader

FlexBid Autotrader

Automated power trading for your flexible assets

Boost the profits of your flexible assets by optimally bidding in the continuous intraday market for electricity with our optimisation-based autotrader.

FlexBid in figures

Feel the power of Flexbid and let the algorithm take profound trading decisions for you in less than a millisecond – sustainably and transparently.

37 percent


1.2 million


34 thousand



The FlexBid algorithm optimally places market and limit orders in the continuous intraday market for electricity in order to maximise the profits of your flexible assets. Our intelligent trading algorithm places orders all by itself (autotrader). FlexBid considers various key factors when deriving an optimal operational schedule for your flexible assets:

Synchronicity of trading and operation

Order placement and asset operation are optimized simultaneously in a joint program

All information in the limit order book

At every given point in time all available information in the continuous intraday order book is considered

The physical limits of your flexible assets

The physical limits of your assets such as storage and generation capacity will never be exceeded

High-frequency and real-time re-optimisation

Every new price signal leads to a re-optimisation of your positions and your operational schedule

Liquidity of tradeable products

The liquidity of hourly products in the intraday market varies considerably over time. We take this into consideration

Penalties for high positions

High net positions in certain hours reduce the ability to react to new sudden price regimes. We penalise such behaviour
Flexbid Autotrader Dashboard
Flexbid Autotrader Dashboard
Flexbid Autotrader Dashboard
Flexbid Autotrader Dashboard

Technical Details

A software platform catered for your needs

The Flexbid autotrader platform is available in Java, Python or as a web service. We deliver whatever fits your use case best.

Asset monitoring

Monitor load and status of your flexible assets in the dashboard

Trade monitoring

See all orders Flexbid placed for you in the dashboard