We are Creatica

A consulting and software company from Munich founded in 2014

Our Story

We serve our clients with products and services in the areas of energy, mathematical optimization, project management, IT systems and software development. Our client base encompasses large multinational corporations, public institutions as well as innovative start-ups. Our way of conducting business is led by guiding principles that are simple, yet strong.

Guiding Principles

Put the client first
We strive to fulfill the needs of our customers.
Communicate honestly
We communicate openly with our clients and our colleagues.
Dare to think differently
We think out of the box.
Believe in yourself
We believe in the capabilities of our team.
Leverage your environment
We use what is there to achieve what we need.
Take responsibility
We take responsibility for our recommendations, actions and decisions.

We support the TU Investment Club e.V.

The TU Investment Club is a non-profit student organization dedicated to the education of students with a distinct interest in financial markets.

The founders of Creatica GmbH and several of its employees have been enjoying their time in the TU Investment Club during their studies and are now alumni. Now it is time to give back!

Want to join our team?

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.